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Weed & Feed and Shrub Care

Achieve a stunning and healthy lawn with our Weed & Feed Program. We understand that lawns in the southern transition zone require specialized care for optimal health and performance. With O’Mara’s Weed & Feed Program, you can take pride in your lawn and make a noticeable difference in your neighborhood.

Gold Program
Our comprehensive program offers both lawn fertilization and weed control to ensure a vibrant, green, and weed-free lawn. We provide customized programs for both Fescue and warm-season turf, tailoring our approach to your specific lawn needs.

Shrub Care Program
Our comprehensive program extends beyond just lawn care. We offer regular fertilization for your landscape shrubs, as well as insect and disease control to maintain healthy and pest-free plant material.

“Very reliable, easy to communicate with for schedule or procedure changes; tiered services; not cheap but they deliver - lawn looks much better.”
Brent Chambers
Chapel Hill (Google Review)

We offer additional lawn care services to enhance the health and beauty of your lawn:

Core Aerification & Seeding of Fescue Lawns: Maintain the health and sustainability of your Fescue lawn by opting for our early fall core aerification and seeding service. Core aerification involves creating small holes in the soil to promote better water, air, and nutrient absorption by the roots. We then seed the lawn with a high-quality “Transition Blend” of Fescue seed to ensure optimal growth.

Top-dressing & Core Aerification for Warm Season Lawns: For warm-season lawns, we provide top-dressing and care aerification services. Top-dressing involves applying a thin layer of compost or soil mixture to the lawn surface, which helps improve soil quality and overall lawn health. Care aerification further enhances the soil by creating small holes to enhance water and nutrient penetration.

With our Weed & Feed and Shrub Care Programs

You can expect top-notch service from our Integrated Pest Management Technicians. They are well-versed in identifying diseases and insects and implementing effective treatment options. We ensure trees and shrubs receive the right fertilization at the appropriate times for optimal color, health, and growth. Additionally, our technicians provide preventive and curative treatments for insects and fungi as needed during their visits.

Rest assured that our Weed & Feed and Shrub Care Technicians are licensed through the state of North Carolina, are highly skilled and experienced in the latest techniques and methods for tree, shrub, and turf care. Our technicians stay up to date with the best treatment options by attending on-going training and continuing education classes that in turn help to provide exceptional service and maintain the health and beauty of your outdoor spaces.